11 Questions Landlords Should Ask When Interviewing a Potential Property Management Company

Owning investment real estate is a great option for those looking to make a longterm commitment as opposed as a shortterm speculation. The management of such investment should always be trusted to professionals who are dedicated and committed to the industry and know how to deal with complex situations that are otherwise commonly ignored by inexperienced landlords.It is of the utmost importance that property owners know how to select and interview the property management company that best seems to specialize in the kind of investment that they are looking to have managed.If you are unsure what to ask your potential property manager before you sign a long term agreement with them, here are some questions that you can use as a guideline.1. What kind of property management experience do you have? You need to know for how long they have managed property and whether they have enough back up from the rest of their group.2. How many properties do you currently manage? Hiring a property manager that handles several thousand units could be somewhat risky as your property might end up lost in an ocean of other properties.3. How often do you inspect occupied and vacant units? It is important to know the frequency of inspections in occupied units. The reasons why you need to know this information is because you need to be assured that there will be a comprehensive assessment of potential damage to occupied units that has been caused by tenants. You also need to know the frequency of inspection though vacant units to prevent any potential risk of fire or other casualties. Trust me, I have seen fires occur in vacant units.4. What do you do with the information obtained from unit inspections? This is particularly important to ask because you need to make sure that the property management company has policies in place regarding the payment of damages to units caused by tenants or their guest. It would be of no benefit at all if they just report to you that all units were inspected, if they do not not have an aggressive plan of action based on unit inspections.5. How important is preventative maintenance to you and how is this handled by your company? Extensive and costly deterioration can occur to properties if there isn’t a preventative maintenance plan in place. Your property manager should keep a preventative maintenance log showing all items inspected and addressed as well as the signature of the maintenance supervisor acknowledging completion of all required tasks.6. How do you handle ongoing/daily maintenance? You need to know whether one or more dedicated maintenance technicians will be assigned to your property (based on the size of the property and number of units). It is also important to know the level of engagement of the maintenance supervisor (if any) and his role in ensuring that all maintenance issues are being addressed.7. After hours emergency handling. Have the property manager explain their process for handling after hours emergencies such as water leaks, fire or any other casualties. Ask whether there is an after hours phone number which tenants would have access to.8. Tenant Selection Plan. You need to know if the property manager has a Tenant Selection Plan that can be customized for your property. The TSP will help define the requirements that potential tenants would have to fulfill prior to renting a unit to them. You might also be want to be involved in the development of the rental criteria to ensure that only applicant who meet your requirements are approved. Keep in mind that you as well as your property manager are required to observe and conduct business based on Fair Housing Law. Your property manager should be absolutely familiar with what terms to use and which ones avoid when advertising your vacant units and when interviewing applicants.9. Transparency. How can I have access to review accounts payables, delinquency reports, collections, etc. You as the property owner should define the frequency and types of reports that your property manager should make available to you.10. Property Market Analysis. Does your management team shop comparable properties to keep up to date with local occupancy rates, average rent rates, amenities offered, specials, etc.? Please be aware that not all property management companies provide this service.11. What is your area of specialty? It is important to keep in mind that there are several specialties within the property management industry. If you own commercial property, you should probably stay away from property managers that have experience managing only multifamily or condo properties. The most common areas of specialty in property management are: Single Family, Multifamily, Condo Associations, Cooperatives, Retail, Medical, Commercial and Industrial.Management companies that specialize in the management of distressed and difficult-to-manage properties are usually capable of handling a broader spectrum of assets and engagement types, such as REO, Receiverships, and disputed assets.Retaining the right property manager can enhance the value of your investment property while making your life easier as you don’t have to deal with the headaches that this activity often represents. If you have plans to expand your real estate investment portfolio it is definitely worth having a strong property management company on your side.

Spa and Its Types

There are a number of spas all over the world and right now it is a famous business as well. In this stressful life, a spa is one of the best options as it will help in relieving stress. There are many people in the hospitality industry that can help you in searching for a spa therapy.Melbourne is the hub of such retreats and massage parlours. Day Spas Melbourne is pretty famous and you can easily find one of them. In the past few years, people all over the world have realised the benefits of these treatments which is why there is an increase in the demand for such retreats.It is basically a place where people come and devote time in order to feel better through various procedures that will relax your mind and body. There are a variety available and you can go for the one you like the most.Following are different types of spa retreats available:The most common type is the day spa. It is especially developed for people who don’t have enough time to go for a full fledged procedure which lasts several hours. A day treatment requires about an hour which is quite less and such amount of time can be easily spared. This therapy involves back treatment, foot treatment and many others as well.Another type is a destination spa which will require at least a day. A special menu will be provided to you and you can choose the type of treatment you want. This plan would definitely take much more time than the day option.Medical spa is another famous type. This is basically offered by a medical organisation. As it is offered by medical organisations, the main focus is on the well being of a person. There are various injuries that require special treatments.In the mineral springs spa, the curative powers of a mineral spring are used. These are difficult to find but are very much beneficial for your body.The day spa is famous and is very common in Melbourne. You can search for one on a search engine and you will come across a number of them all across the city. Search for the prices and compare them beforehand so that you can get the best rejuvenating treatments at reasonable prices. Most of these present in Melbourne offer various kinds of treatments at an affordable cost. If you feel that your mind and body are tired out due to stress and work, then you should go for a treatment in Melbourne.

Healing The Mind, Body and Spirit Through Dream Translation

Your dreams heal your mind, body, and spirit at the same time because the unconscious mind that produces your dreams has a divine origin and works like a psychotherapist. In other words, the unconscious mind cures your psyche, your brain, and your body through dream messages.Your body is only a cover. What really matters is the transformation of your spirit. Your spirit will remain alive even when your body will die.The impression that the material reality is the only one you should care about is based on human ignorance. The same way that our ancestors couldn’t protect themselves from various diseases because they ignored the existence of bacteria (which is not visible to the human eye without a microscope) you cannot protect yourself from various invisible dangers because you cannot see them.The fact that you cannot see them doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. There are numerous invisible dangers threatening your peace of mind and happiness all the time. Your invisible spirit is constantly exposed to these dangers, like your body.The unconscious mind shows you in dreams everything you cannot see. You understand why you have to pass through difficult experiences in life. Everything depends on you personality.You live in order to become a wise and sensitive human being. You must learn the meaning of goodness and understand the importance of sanctity.You probably don’t think that this is the purpose of your life because you follow the mindset of the crazy world. You believe that you must satisfy the desires of your selfish ego. You care only about having material pleasures.Material pleasures may give you satisfaction for a certain period of time, but they won’t solve your problems. If you care only about your material reality you are wasting your time. You must care about your spiritual reality and become a better person while you are alive.Through dream translation you’ll understand the spiritual dimension of your reality. Nothing is as empty as it seems to be when you take into consideration only the material dimension. You don’t live only because you have to pass through a process of evolution that goes from one point to another. Your life is not an empty circle.Your body gives you pleasure and pain because it works like a psychotherapeutical tool. Your animal nature helps you transform your personality because your spirit must be transformed.Even if you believe that you are a good person based on the criteria of your historical time, you must transform your personality and learn how to be sensible and sensitive. You have inherited evilness and absurdity into the biggest part of your brain. You are very far from real balance and goodness.God looks at you with sadness and fear because He knows that you are selfish, lazy, indifferent, violent, and cruel. He will be happy with you only when you’ll attain spiritual perfection and sanctity. If you are not perfect, He is very sad with you.This is a basic truth you must understand, so that you may understand the unconscious logic in dreams. You must also understand your position in life. You have to stop being indifferent to your mistakes.The impression that God simply forgives your mistakes because He knows that you are imperfect is a misinterpretation of His goodness. God is sensitive and saintly. He cannot let you behave like a demon. He doesn’t close His eyes to our sins.You have to stop being absurd and find sound mental health because this is how you will transform your spirit. When you are absurd, you are punished with a physical disease. You have to stop doing what is negative.Other people are punished for their sins after making mistakes for years and years, in different ways. This happens because they were not ready to understand the meaning of their punishment. All sinners are always punished someday (even if they don’t pay attention to the life lessons they have) but God tries to punish them when He believes that they may regret.You can analyze your psychological problems as if they were religious lessons. As a matter of fact, each religion is a form of psychotherapy. Science and religion are not opposite disciplines. Each one cures your mind, body, and spirit in a different way.Your dreams provide you with a clear psychological treatment, which also works like spiritual transformation. Dream translation is a miraculous solution that opens a new horizon for you.You will find physical health, sound mental health, and wisdom by following the unconscious guidance in dreams. You will be cured without having to pass through surgical operations, and without medications. You only have to be an obedient student and patient.