Healing The Mind, Body and Spirit Through Dream Translation

Your dreams heal your mind, body, and spirit at the same time because the unconscious mind that produces your dreams has a divine origin and works like a psychotherapist. In other words, the unconscious mind cures your psyche, your brain, and your body through dream messages.Your body is only a cover. What really matters is the transformation of your spirit. Your spirit will remain alive even when your body will die.The impression that the material reality is the only one you should care about is based on human ignorance. The same way that our ancestors couldn’t protect themselves from various diseases because they ignored the existence of bacteria (which is not visible to the human eye without a microscope) you cannot protect yourself from various invisible dangers because you cannot see them.The fact that you cannot see them doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. There are numerous invisible dangers threatening your peace of mind and happiness all the time. Your invisible spirit is constantly exposed to these dangers, like your body.The unconscious mind shows you in dreams everything you cannot see. You understand why you have to pass through difficult experiences in life. Everything depends on you personality.You live in order to become a wise and sensitive human being. You must learn the meaning of goodness and understand the importance of sanctity.You probably don’t think that this is the purpose of your life because you follow the mindset of the crazy world. You believe that you must satisfy the desires of your selfish ego. You care only about having material pleasures.Material pleasures may give you satisfaction for a certain period of time, but they won’t solve your problems. If you care only about your material reality you are wasting your time. You must care about your spiritual reality and become a better person while you are alive.Through dream translation you’ll understand the spiritual dimension of your reality. Nothing is as empty as it seems to be when you take into consideration only the material dimension. You don’t live only because you have to pass through a process of evolution that goes from one point to another. Your life is not an empty circle.Your body gives you pleasure and pain because it works like a psychotherapeutical tool. Your animal nature helps you transform your personality because your spirit must be transformed.Even if you believe that you are a good person based on the criteria of your historical time, you must transform your personality and learn how to be sensible and sensitive. You have inherited evilness and absurdity into the biggest part of your brain. You are very far from real balance and goodness.God looks at you with sadness and fear because He knows that you are selfish, lazy, indifferent, violent, and cruel. He will be happy with you only when you’ll attain spiritual perfection and sanctity. If you are not perfect, He is very sad with you.This is a basic truth you must understand, so that you may understand the unconscious logic in dreams. You must also understand your position in life. You have to stop being indifferent to your mistakes.The impression that God simply forgives your mistakes because He knows that you are imperfect is a misinterpretation of His goodness. God is sensitive and saintly. He cannot let you behave like a demon. He doesn’t close His eyes to our sins.You have to stop being absurd and find sound mental health because this is how you will transform your spirit. When you are absurd, you are punished with a physical disease. You have to stop doing what is negative.Other people are punished for their sins after making mistakes for years and years, in different ways. This happens because they were not ready to understand the meaning of their punishment. All sinners are always punished someday (even if they don’t pay attention to the life lessons they have) but God tries to punish them when He believes that they may regret.You can analyze your psychological problems as if they were religious lessons. As a matter of fact, each religion is a form of psychotherapy. Science and religion are not opposite disciplines. Each one cures your mind, body, and spirit in a different way.Your dreams provide you with a clear psychological treatment, which also works like spiritual transformation. Dream translation is a miraculous solution that opens a new horizon for you.You will find physical health, sound mental health, and wisdom by following the unconscious guidance in dreams. You will be cured without having to pass through surgical operations, and without medications. You only have to be an obedient student and patient.

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